Last Monday, my Graphics course took a day trip to London. We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see a Gerd Artnz/Otto Neurath exhibition, then to a pub for some delicious pulled pork sandwiches, to the arts district for a Saul Bass show, an excellent mid-cent. modern furniture/home decoration store, and one of the ultimate best bookstores I’ve ever been in, Artwords Bookshop, where I purchased Design as Art (Bruno Munari), and Portable Document Format (Dexter Sinister). Can’t wait to read those! We also stopped into a pop-up art gallery in the basement of an old town hall. After that we went to yet another pub, then a few of us got some delicious hamburgers before catching an evening train back to B-town.

The Gerd Arntz work was particularly interesting because they were exhibiting sheets that had objects and type pasted onto a board, which I really appreciated, as its an alternative to digital work. I suppose it was just a really sweet reminder of the past, and the intense detail and hand work that was done to create design that easily surpasses work done today, despite our digital advantages.

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